Crime figures suggest that Plymouth is one of the most violent cities of its size in the UK.  In the eleven months to the beginning of April 2015 there were 2,367 incidents of violence with injury, this was a fall of five per cent, but it still left Plymouth among the worst of the 15 English areas in its 'family group' for violent crime, which include Trafford in Manchester, Bolton, Bristol, Cardiff and Lincoln.

The violence of Union Street and the alcohol that fuels it has been an issue that has plagued Plymouth for the past seventy years.  It was an affluent and cultured area attracting the bourgeois and the upper classes, but since the bombings of the second world war it has become a den of vice, where drugs, drinking and street violence have become everyday events, even with an increase in police and security personnel the violence continues.

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2015 Black and White Photograph 15 x 10cm