Angels of Death

The Angels of Death is an anthology of short stories, each based on one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, ancient biblical personifications of human anxieties.

It explores the themes of disease, war, famine and death in realistic, frightening, often personal and unsettling ways.

The 140+ page book is illustrated with over 100 images, including found photos, ink sketches and paintings, created by the artist specifically for the text.

Printed in a limited, hand numbered edition of 24 copies.

A previously unknown and deadly strain of virus has emerged from the heart of Africa and is swiftly infecting the populace, spreading from country to country.  Has it been genetically designed to reduce the population of the planet and if so who created it, and can it be stopped?

A tyrannical leader has been terrorising the inhabitants of his country for years.  it is the mission of Omega squadron, a highly trained band of elite special forces, to remove him from the position of power.  but things do not always go according to plan when faced with the inhospitable and mysterious jungle region they must travel through.

Its 1606 and one of the largest vessels in the United East India Company has run aground on a desolate stretch of coast.  With provisions running out quickly and the threat of mutiny on the lips of the crew, what other tragedies will befall the Prijs van Nereus.

Driving home late at night after a rowdy Christmas party, but something does not feel right.  With Death as a passenger, what thoughts would start going through your mind?  What memories and feelings would be unearthed from the dark recesses of your mind as you are faced with your final moments?

       1/3 off         £19.99 + £1.80 p&p

Normal RRP £30


Hard cover: 142 Pages

Language: English

Dimensions: 15 x 23 cm (6 x 9 in)

ISBN 13: 978-1-36-605586-6

© 2018 David Mylor

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