You wake up with a jolt, your body drenched in sweat.


Terror clutching at your heart.  


The image that resides in your mind from the nightmare, that is what the artist takes and drags into reality as a way to be free of the dread they invoke.  


This cathartic release is achieved by the artist making use of the analytical psychology taught by Carl Jung.  To bring forth the collective, archetypal monsters of the artist’s unconscious through various styles of writing, sketches, and finally to finished works in a variety of mediums.  


This is not just a way of taking on his fears in the light of reason, but in some ways can also bring up similar residual memories and feelings with the audience.

David Mylor was born and raised in west Cornwall and works predominantly with the medium of photography, but also branches out into other areas in order to achieve the best results for each project.  


He mainly focuses on the psychology of discordant emotions in nightmares, combined with a Victorian aesthetic.

He has completed a BA at Plymouth College of Art and has had several collaborative shows.

© 2018 David Mylor

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